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Mirror Image Detailing of South Florida, home of the "One Fine Detail".
image Here in the coastal areas of South Florida, the high humidity & salt-air alone can severely damage your motorcycle's finish - even if the bike has been kept clean and dry.

The "One-Fine-Detail"

Our top service, guaranteed to leave your motorcycle looking brand new.


  • Clean the bike with Wipe-Down and micro-fiber towels, working in sections - "Top-to-Bottom" and "Front-to-Back"
  • Starting with the handle-bars, mirrors & hand-controls, triple-trees, headlight, front signals, forks and front wheel first
  • Then move to the left side of the frame and engine, drive-train, exhaust systems and foot-controls, working along the side
  • Then around the back wheel of the motorcycle and then along the right-side
  • Finish by cleaning the entire under-side
  • Clean the painted areas, including ALL areas and elements of the frame


Polish the metal surfaces on the bike with the proper product(s) on the specific metals they were designed to clean, taking time with any areas or items that have problems. We know not all metal cleaners can be used on all metals. A cleaner made strictly for cleaning chrome may severely and irreparably damage a polished aluminum surface (and the reverse is true). We only use products that are designed to work on specific metals, are non-abrasive, eliminating the possibility of creating scratches in the finish. The best detailing is done by "hand" - proper cleaning and showroom-finish-detailing takes time (often 5-hours or more).


Shine and Seal all of the surfaces on the bike (except the brake pads and disk, the seat and the tires) taking time to apply on all areas, even in the tiny out-of-sight areas behind the engine, inside the fins, in the rear wheel-well and underneath the bike. Tires and seats are treated with products to enhance and protect the materials.

The "One Fine Wash"

  • Hand wash and dry
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Clean wheels, tire gloss
  • Console and dash cleaned
  • Seat and vinyl areas cleaned and conditioned

"A-La-Carte" Services

Choose from any of the services listed below.

  • Paint Sealant – Protects the paint and lasts up to 6 months
  • Clay-Bar – Removes imperfections from paint
  • Compound – Fills in scratches and smooths the paint before polishing and waxing – ask about our "acid rain" compound service
  • Seat Cleaning – Vinyl, Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Dash clean & Protection – The Dashboard will be cleaned and conditioned
  • Leather Lotion – Our premium leather lotion moisturizes and protects interior seats
  • Engine and Chrome - Complete cleaning of the engine and polishing chrome

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers needs and offering solutions by providing quality products and services at competitive prices has earned us our customer loyalty. We strive to meet or beat our customers expectations. Your satistifaction is guaranteed!

Want More Information?

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