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Mirror Image Detailing of South Florida, home of the "One Fine Detail".
image Detailing and waxing your boat is one of the most important services that we offer. A boat should be waxed a minimum of two times a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Three times is ideal in order to consistently maintain the luxurious appearance of your vessel. Maintaining a coat of wax on your boat prevents black streaks from ruining the gel coat, allows water to bead on the surface, and adds a superb shine to the surface.

The "One-Fine-Detail"

Our top service, guaranteed to leave your boat or yacht looking brand new.


  • We start from the top beginning with any isinglass and work our way down opening all anchor lockers, hatches and cockpit compartments and cleaning around the edges
  • We start with a High quality pre-foam treatment that helps loosen dirt from the finish, followed by a soft pressure wash, waterline bleached & scrubbed. While keeping the gel-coat wet, each segment of your boat/yacht is thoroughly hand washed from top to bottom using premium soap and a gentle wash mitt
  • After each section is washed, we chamois it to make sure there are no water spots on the isinglass, windows, gel coat or stainless steel
  • Compound is applied with a buffer to remove oxidization and bring the life back to heavily sun faded surfaces and to remove surface scratches Next, a high quality non-abrasive polish is applied to exterior surfaces
  • This is followed by an orbital buffing with wax, to protect the finish for up to three months. Wax is carefully and methodically removed to ensure the smoothest finish
  • Chrome & stainless steel polished, non-skid scrubbed and vinyl/leather seats cleaned


  • Interior cleaning keeps the inside of your boat clean & fresh and includes includes sinks, appliances, counter-tops, interior drawers & cabinets, mini-blinds, interior glass & windows, bathrooms and carpets
  • Interior carpets are shampooed and spot cleaned. Each carpeted area is spot cleaned using a non-abrasive brush
  • All vinyl and rubber is cleaned with a high quality cleanser that protects upholstery and resists absorption of stains
  • Leather is shampooed and conditioned to preserve its elasticity and combat the harmful effects of overexposure to sun
  • The rest of the interior gets a thorough cleaning using the highest quality cleaning products, including sinks, appliances, counter-tops, interior drawers & cabinets, mini-blinds, interior glass & windows, bathrooms

The "One Fine Wash"

Best to have your boat professionally cleaned and washed between the "One-Fine-Detail" sessions.
A thorough wash and dry will go a long way toward protecting your investment from salt spray, bug and bird droppings, acid rain and other environmental pollutants. Wash includes - wash & dry the whole boat and hatches, chrome & stainless steel lifeline wiped down, canvas & covers removed to facilitate cleaning, non-skid scrubbed, vinyl/leather seats cleaned, windows cleaned and outside carpets vacuumed.

"A-La-Carte" Services

Choose from any of the services listed below.
  • Paint Sealant – Protects the paint and lasts up to 6 months
  • Clay-Bar – Removes imperfections from paint
  • Compound – Fills in scratches and smooths the paint before polishing and waxing – ask about our "acid rain" compound service
  • Carpet Shampoo – Shampoo interior carpets
  • Sap Removal – Remove sap from boat/yacht, can be difficult and time consuming if sap has been on the paint for long periods of time
  • Canvas and Cover Cleaning – Steam clean boat/yach canvas and covers
  • Seat Cleaning – Cloth, Vinyl, Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Isinglass Cleaning and Treatment – Clean and treat Isinglass
  • Stainless Steel Polishing – Clean and polish all stainless steel and fittings
  • Cockpit Cleaning – Clean and polish cockpit area
  • Leather Lotion – Our premium leather lotion moisturizes and protects interior seats
  • Odor Control – Removes most odors from boat/yacht
  • Deck Scrubbing - Clean deck and treat teak wood

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers needs and offering solutions by providing quality products and services at competitive prices has earned us our customer loyalty. We strive to meet or beat our customers expectations. Your satistifaction is guaranteed!

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