Our Services

Mirror Image Detailing of South Florida, home of the "One Fine Detail".

Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of our individual services, please contact us.

Auto/SUV/Truck Detailing

In South Florida's sunny, hot and humid climate, maintenance and protective care are essential to preserving the finish and luster of your favorite vehicle and to maintain the vehicle's value.

Boat/Yacht Detailing

A boat should be waxed a minimum of two times a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Three times is ideal in order to consistently maintain the luxurious appearance of your vessel.

AirStream Detailing

AirStream trailers are unique in that they have an outside skin made of polished aluminum, which can become dull and pitted from the environment. We have the knowledge and experience to restore a bright luster to the exterior of your AirStream.

Motorcycle Detailing

Here in the coastal areas of South Florida, the high humidity & salt-air alone can severely damage your motorcycle's finish - even if the bike has been kept clean and dry.

Headlight Restoration

Cloudy or hazed headlights reduces the amount of illumination emitted from the light which creates dangerous driving conditions. Hazed headlights can also ruin the appearance of your car!

Window Tinting

There are a large number of window films out there to choose from. Whether you choose Premium Dyed Films, Carbon Films or Ceramic Window Films - you can be assured you will receive "One-Fine-Window-Tinting" service.

Mobile Detailing

Don't have time to come to us? We come to you! We offer our full line of our detaling services as a mobile service. You can be assured you will receive our "One-Fine-Detail" service at your location.